Where: Toronto, ON

What: Pop/Rock


This Toronto group’s resume should leave any fan of independent Canadian music sick with anticipation. The band is made up of Mary Harmer (Weeping Tile) on bass, Cam Giroux (Violet Archers, Holly McNarland, Weeping Tile, and more) on drums, and Jonny James (Gentlemen Reg, Swallows) and Tim Vesely (Rheostatics, Violet Archers) on guitar. But they’re all there to support the beautiful vocals of Jane Gowan, who joined forces with Harmer after she moved to Toronto in 2006.

They wrote some catchy lo-fi rock songs and had Vesely record their demo. This all leads us to their 10-song debut, Highway, which features rolling melodies not too far removed from Belle and Sebastian or a much simpler New Pornographers.

Gowan’s vocals are wonderfully clean with a wide range that complements the musicianship of the other band members. The individual experiences of those in Shade must have lent themselves to a building of confidence that isn’t often found in pop-rock. The music is sharper than you’d expect in indie-pop and it changes tempo and tune at times when less-confident players might hesitate.

This one’s a no-brainer – listen to Highway.

Listen to Shade – Loneliness or Freedom…

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