November 25, 2015
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November/December 2015 Contents

R40 Travelling Back In Time With Rush
By Andrew King

Geddy Lee & Alex Lifeson reflect on the concept, design, and music of R40, reportedly the iconic band’s last largescale tour – but not the last we’ve heard from them. Read more...

Capturing In A Time Matthew Good Opens Up About Chaotic Neutral
By Kevin Young

Good found a certain amount of freedom in the process of making the album, saying that he found it liberating to just “be the artist on this thing.” Read more...

The Artist & The Entertainer
K-OS Indulges His Dual Personalities
By Andrew King

Can’t Fly Without Gravity finds the two halves of k-os’ creative self working in total harmony. Read more...

Heavy Canada
The Unique Tapestry Of Our Metal Scene
By Adam Kovac

Devin Townsend, Arch Enemy’s Alissa White-Gluz, KEN mode & more on the scene that unites their different takes on heavy music. Read more...

The Wise Among Us
Canadian Musician's 2015 Drum Special:

By Ryan Shuvera

Cindy Blackman Santana, Glenn Milchem, Tyler Stewart, Jeff Burrows & more on keeping it fresh behind the kit. Read more...

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