October 9, 2015
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September/October 2015 Contents

Ready For a Road Trip Cross-Country with Paul Brandt & Dean Brody
By Andrew King

One of Canadian country's pioneers and one of its most impressive current innovators are hitting the road - and it's not just the fans that are amped up about th run. Read more...

Make The Best Of The Fests

By Kevin Young

Industry events - from the regional to national to international level - are evolving. Your approach to making the most of them should be, too. Read more...

Double Down
Mulitple Instruments Means More Opportunities
By Patrick Boyle

As if mastering one instrument wasn't enough, doublers live a life deeply connected to music without necessarily being overly attached to a single genre or style. Read more...

Capturing Quality
Tracking Tips For Home Recording Done Right
By Andrew King

Some of Canada's best engineers and producers share tips and tricks to make your tracks the best they can be, regardless of your rig. Read more...

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