February 8, 2016

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What: Pop
Where: Toronto, ON
Visit: www.trinittymusic.com

After having earned a bevy of short movie and television credits along with a number of pageant titles, music was next on the “must conquer” list for Toronto-based pop musician Trinitty. Her decision to move into music was preceded by  five years of intensive vocal training, which no doubt played a part in the success of her infectious debut single, “Yesterday,” which was released in late 2014.

Following her graduation from high school, Trinitty enrolled in the business program at a Waterloo-area university before ultimately deciding to return to music. She reportedly has more than a dozen songs primed and ready to go for her full-length debut, which will no doubt help expose her to audiences from coast to coast.


Blow Flyy

What: Hip-Hop, Pop
Where: Etobicoke, ON
Visit: www.reverbnation.com/blowflyy
Spurred by his desire to write poetry at a young age, Nova Scotia native Blow_Flyy has parlayed that love of words into a burgeoning career in hip-hop. Rather than solely relying upon samples, big beats, and driving bass to propel his lyricism, Blow_Flyy’s music has a distinct pop edge to it, making for a unique approach to a timeless genre that helps set his music apart from that of his contemporaries. Yet for the trails that the rapper is blazing, there is also a sense of nostalgia in his music and  ow,
as though he is paying a debt to those in the genre who have come before him. It’s a welcome mix and addition to Canada’s already-impressive canon of contemporary hip-hop.

Makayla Lynn

Makayla Lynn

What: Country
Where: Lantz, NS
Visit: www.makaylalynnmusic.com

Considering she is still a teenager, Nova Scotian country artist Makayla Lynn has already accumulated an enviable list of achievements. Those accomplishments include the release of three albums, the most recent of which – 2014’s Daydream – earned the young singer-songwriter
numerous East Coast Music Award nominations in addition to support slots for country superstars including Eric Church, Carrie Underwood, Tim McGraw, and more.

A semi- nalist in both the International Songwriting Contest and CBC Searchlight competitions, Lynn’s songwriting talent is prominently featured on Daydream, on which she wrote or co-wrote six tracks.

Following the tragic murder of three RCMP o cers in Moncton, NB in 2014, Lynn penned the poignant track “Fallen Hero,” which has racked up tens of thousands of views on YouTube. Considering her youth and trajectory, Makayla Lynn just might be Canada’s next breakout country music star.

Neisy Wilson

Neisy Wilson

What: Jazz
Where: Montreal, QC
Visit: www.neisywilson.com

Although Neisy Wilson’s music rests comfortably in the realm of jazz music, she brings a unique world view to the table. She began studying music at age seven, performing at festivals in her home country of Cuba, followed by tours throughout Europe, Jordan, Egypt, Latin America, and the United Arab Emirates before settling in as a resident of Montreal.

In addition to her work as a performing artist, Wilson also works as a film and television composer as well as scoring in the videogame industry. Her most recent effort is 2014’s Inside My Soul EP, a three-song release that serves as a showcase for her undeniably smooth vocals and knack for grabbing melodies.

Crooked House Road

Toronto Photographer

Toronto Photographer

What: Folk
Where: Toronto, ON
Visit: www.crookedhouseroad.com

Rich vocal harmonies help Crooked House Road stand apart from many of their contemporaries in the folk music world. Formed in 2013, the quintet released their self-titled debut record in May 2015. Produced by JUNO winner Ken Whiteley, the record has earned the group critical acclaim and radio plays from coast to coast. While guitar and voice are the unquestionable cornerstone of the band, the addition of drums, violin, and mandolin serve to fill out their sound quite nicely.

Crooked House Road has earned a significant amount of notoriety in their hometown thanks to their work with the CHR4Women benefit concert series, which has helped raise money for charities that assist impoverished women throughout Toronto.

The Muso Project

The Muso Project

What: R&B, Soul
Where: Toronto, ON
Visit: www.themusoproject.com

Husband and wife team Edward Monzon and Rachenne Rogozo are the core of Toronto acoustic-soul group The Muso Project. Since forming in 2008, the duo has released three albums, including their latest, 2014’s Dare Yourself. One of the songs from that record, “Thousand Times,” was selected as the 2014 John Lennon Songwriting Contest Grand Prize winner for Session One in the R&B category.

In addition to being a staple of their hometown music scene, the pair has also successfully licensed tracks from Dare Yourself for television use. One listen to their track “Miss Melody” or the funky, bass-driven “Dare Yourself” and you’ll quickly realize that the attention and acclaim are indeed warranted.

Les Deuxluxes

Les Deuxluxes

What: Rock, Blues
Where: Hamilton, ON
Visit www.lesdeuxluxes.com

Like The White Stripes, The Black Keys, and Royal Blood before them, Montreal blues-rock band Les Deuxluxes prove that, sometimes, less can be more. Comprised of just two members, guitarist-vocalist Anna Frances Meyer and drummer Etienne Barry, this duo wholeheartedly bashes out the blues with a definite rock edge and hints of garage and rockabilly thrown in for good measure.

The songs on the group’s latest release, Traitement Deuxluxe, harbour a raw energy that pays tribute to the ethos of the aforementioned groups while carving a path that is soulful, powerful, and uniquely theirs. Les Deuxluxes ultimately show that Canadians can indeed play ball when it comes to churning out gritty rock and roll.



What: Electronic, Pop
Where: Toronto, ON
Visit www.featurettemusic.com

Formed in 2013 by vocalist Lexie Jay and drummer Jon Fedorsen, Featurette is an electronic duo that stands to be one of the next big names to emerge from within Canada’s borders. Compared to contemporaries such as Tove Lo and Aurora, the group spent the bulk of last year recording their two-part debut record, Crave, with producers Josh Sadlier-Brown and Marc Koecher.

At Canadian Music Week earlier this year, Featurette’s high-energy sound and performance no doubt played a part in the band being dubbed a live highlight of the festival. That buzz will help set the stage nicely for the upcoming release of the first installment of Crave this fall.

Celtic Rant

Celtic Rant

What: Celtic, Traditional
Where: Dartmouth, NS
Visit www.celticrant.com

While the Maritimes have churned out their fair share of music, which spans virtually all genres, the roots of Celtic music will forever run deep throughout the region – a tradition proudly upheld by Nova Scotia’s Celtic Rant.

Formed in 2008, the group has built a dedicated following throughout Atlantic Canada, turning out three records thus far – 2008’s self-titled effort, 2010’s Encore, and 2013’s Celtic Rant III – A Clancy Rantcy. Like The Clancy Brothers and The Barra MacNeils before them, the music of the Celtic Rant trio basks in their simplistic set-up, relying only upon traditional instruments including guitar, fiddle, mandolin, pipes, and their harmonious vocals. It’s a wonderful mix that does right by the Maritimes’ musical reputation.

Zeynep Ozbilen


What: World music
Where: Toronto, ON
Visit www.zeynepozbilen.com

Toronto’s Zeynep Ozbilen is looking to break down any preconceived notions on what world music can be. She infuses Balkan and Mediterranean influences with modern beats and production, allowing her music to sound both familiar and fresh to the listener.

Ozbilen grew up in Istanbul, where, for more than a decade, she was lead vocalist in the Latin-influenced band The Latin All-Stars. Her most recent solo release is Zee, a 12-track album that showcases Ozbilen’s talent for uniquely combining traditional Turkish songs with energetic jazz and Latin melodies. The album has drawn praise from numerous media outlets, many of which laud her outside-the-box approach to world music.


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