October 6, 2015

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Les Deuxluxes

Les Deuxluxes

What: Rock, Blues
Where: Hamilton, ON
Visit www.lesdeuxluxes.com

Like The White Stripes, The Black Keys, and Royal Blood before them, Montreal blues-rock band Les Deuxluxes prove that, sometimes, less can be more. Comprised of just two members, guitarist-vocalist Anna Frances Meyer and drummer Etienne Barry, this duo wholeheartedly bashes out the blues with a definite rock edge and hints of garage and rockabilly thrown in for good measure.

The songs on the group’s latest release, Traitement Deuxluxe, harbour a raw energy that pays tribute to the ethos of the aforementioned groups while carving a path that is soulful, powerful, and uniquely theirs. Les Deuxluxes ultimately show that Canadians can indeed play ball when it comes to churning out gritty rock and roll.



What: Electronic, Pop
Where: Toronto, ON
Visit www.featurettemusic.com

Formed in 2013 by vocalist Lexie Jay and drummer Jon Fedorsen, Featurette is an electronic duo that stands to be one of the next big names to emerge from within Canada’s borders. Compared to contemporaries such as Tove Lo and Aurora, the group spent the bulk of last year recording their two-part debut record, Crave, with producers Josh Sadlier-Brown and Marc Koecher.

At Canadian Music Week earlier this year, Featurette’s high-energy sound and performance no doubt played a part in the band being dubbed a live highlight of the festival. That buzz will help set the stage nicely for the upcoming release of the first installment of Crave this fall.

Celtic Rant

Celtic Rant

What: Celtic, Traditional
Where: Dartmouth, NS
Visit www.celticrant.com

While the Maritimes have churned out their fair share of music, which spans virtually all genres, the roots of Celtic music will forever run deep throughout the region – a tradition proudly upheld by Nova Scotia’s Celtic Rant.

Formed in 2008, the group has built a dedicated following throughout Atlantic Canada, turning out three records thus far – 2008’s self-titled effort, 2010’s Encore, and 2013’s Celtic Rant III – A Clancy Rantcy. Like The Clancy Brothers and The Barra MacNeils before them, the music of the Celtic Rant trio basks in their simplistic set-up, relying only upon traditional instruments including guitar, fiddle, mandolin, pipes, and their harmonious vocals. It’s a wonderful mix that does right by the Maritimes’ musical reputation.


Laura Cole


What: Soul, Rock
Where: Hamilton, ON
Visit www.lauracolemusic.com

With big names like Steve Bigas (Taj Mahal) and Daniel Lanois (U2, Bob Dylan) credited as producers on Dirty Cheat, the debut EP from Hamilton’s Laura Cole, some might be drawn to her music out of curiosity alone. The good news, however, is that Cole has the goods to warrant your time.

Cole’s vocal talent is simply undeniable, showcasing influences from the likes of Etta James, Aretha Franklin, Billie Holiday, and Amy Winehouse. She pulls no punches throughout Dirty Cheat, choosing to exercise the demons of infidelity on the appropriately named title track while “Death Row” solemnly (yet also somewhat playfully) documents the end of a relationship. “These songs are my catharsis,” she says. “Honest stories I am telling because I have nothing to hide.” Combined with her talent, Cole’s honest approach to her subject matter is sure to resonate with music fans from coast to coast.



What: Hip-hop, jazz
Where: Winnipeg, MB
Visit www.beatox.ca

Hailing from the city that is home to Portage and Main, Beatox (nee Adam Fainman) is a jazz-inspired beat-boxer and rapper. The son of a successful musician mother, Beatox acquired a wide appreciation for different styles at a young age. Together with fellow rapper SMRT, Beatox formed the hip-hop duo Butter Pretzels, which would go on to release a couple of albums.

Musically and lyrically, Beatox’s songs would appeal to fans of A Tribe Called Quest while his rapping style is reminiscent of Arrested Development’s Speech – literate and infused with a rather specific energy. He is currently collaborating with students from the University of Manitoba’s jazz program to create a record that he says will take listeners “on a journey through darkness and light.”

Zeynep Ozbilen


What: World music
Where: Toronto, ON
Visit www.zeynepozbilen.com

Toronto’s Zeynep Ozbilen is looking to break down any preconceived notions on what world music can be. She infuses Balkan and Mediterranean influences with modern beats and production, allowing her music to sound both familiar and fresh to the listener.

Ozbilen grew up in Istanbul, where, for more than a decade, she was lead vocalist in the Latin-influenced band The Latin All-Stars. Her most recent solo release is Zee, a 12-track album that showcases Ozbilen’s talent for uniquely combining traditional Turkish songs with energetic jazz and Latin melodies. The album has drawn praise from numerous media outlets, many of which laud her outside-the-box approach to world music.


David Catallo


What: Classical, Flamenco
Where: Guelph, ON
Visit: www.davidcatalloguitar.com

Inspired by the stylings of John Williams and Paco de Lucia, the output of Guelph classical-flamenco guitarist David Catallo manages to showcase impressive rhythmic techniques and overall technical prowess.
For the last dozen years, Catallo has studied at the Royal Conservatory of Music as well as under acclaimed musicians including Emma Rush and Brian Katz, to name but two. His studies have served him well and their influence can be heard throughout his debut effort, La Fuente y El Arroyo. The album boasts an eclectic mix of flamenco-rooted compositions as well as world music-inspired classical pieces. Catallo’s undeniable talent will surely be discovered by the masses before too long.



What: Hip-Hop
Where: Toronto, ON
Visit: www.tstylezmusic.com

Although Canada has often played second fiddle to the United States when it comes to charting bona fide hip-hop stars, we’ve proven time and again that our artists are just as worthy of the attention as any of their American counterparts. With his smooth lyrical delivery bolstered by clever word play, Toronto’s Trivelle “T-Stylez” Simpson just might be Canada’s next hip-hop superstar.
Over the last three years, T-Stylez has proved himself a prolific, vital force to be reckoned with. The rapper’s 2012 debut, The Rise of Music, was followed by The Red Clay Chronicles in 2013 and Element 13, released last year, each of which showcase his impressive flow and lyricism. Keep an ear out for T-Stylez; big things are in store for this artist.

Brent Tyler


What: Folk, Roots, Soul
Where: Calgary, AB
Visit: www.brentyler.com

Drawing influence from musical luminaries like Jack Johnson and Dave Matthews, the music of Calgary’s Brent Tyler is breezy, relaxed, and, perhaps most notably, incredibly melodic.
Growing up, Tyler divided his time between sports and music before ultimately choosing to pursue the latter as a hobby. At age nine, he taught himself how to play guitar, something that has no doubt been a factor in his uniquely fluent, percussive-style of guitar playing.
To date, Tyler has two full-length efforts (2002’s Better Way and 2010’s In Rhythm) and one EP in 2014’s This Breath, to his credit. He is due to release a new studio album, Love Myself, in May and it’s likely to impress.

The Midnight Sons Band

The Midnight Sons Band

What: Rock
Where: Whitehorse, Yukon
Visit: www.themidnightsons.ca

Slight shades of the jam band scene and the Allman Brothers abound in the sound of Whitehorse’s The Midnight Sons Band. The group, formed in late 2012, employs melodic guitar, soulful vocals, and occasional time signature bending drums to create a sound that is at once dynamic and unique, drawing from contemporary rock, blues, and folk music. Earlier this year, The Midnight Sons Band celebrated the release of their debut record, Traction.

The album’s title track serves as the perfect complement to the Yukon’s seemingly endless summer days while they flex their muscles a little more prominently on “Next Time Around” and “Contraband.” Following in the footsteps of acts like The Sheepdogs, The Midnight Sons Band could be destined for a career of rock and roll glory.

Ellen Doty

Ellen Doty

What: Pop, Jazz
Where: Calgary, AB
Visit: www.ellendoty.com

The first adjective likely to come to the listener’s mind upon hearing Calgary’s Ellen Doty is “smooth.” On her full-length debut album Gold, released in May 2014, Doty’s voice effortlessly and almost breathlessly glides over the smooth jazz influence heard in songs such as “I Think I’m In Love” and “Perfect Day,” the latter of which really showcases Doty’s impressive vocal range. Last year, Doty had the opportunity to entertain audiences all over Canada on her national tour, which saw her play 30 shows over six weeks.

Doty’s history with music is relatively extensive, dating back to pre-school where she was a member of her church choir before eventually moving on to study vocal jazz at Ottawa’s Carleton University. Gold marks the beginning of what should prove to be a long career in music

The BelleRegards

The BelleRegards

What: Folk
Where: Toronto, ON
Visit: www.belleregards.com

Formed in 2012 by members that met at the Harris Institute, Toronto folk band The BelleRegards have been making waves worldwide thanks to their high-energy live shows and infectious songs. The band’s spirited material draws equal influence from the worlds of bluegrass, country, and folk, earning them comparisons to neo-traditionalist acts like the Punch Brothers.

They released their debut effort, Nothing To Lose, in 2013, supporting the album with shows throughout Canada at prestigious music festivals like Mariposa. In 2014, they had the opportunity to venture overseas for performances in Glasgow, London, and Cardiff. Given the momentum that the group built with their debut album, potentially greater things lay in store when The BelleRegards drop their sophomore effort later this year.

The Cardboard Crowns

The Cardboard Crowns

What: Ska
Where: Ottawa, ON
Visit: www.thecardboardcrowns.com

With a balanced mix of ska, reggae, and punk rock, Toronto band The Cardboard Crowns offer something for a wide array of listeners, with lofty themes of social injustice set to infectious beats that boast a passion for life.

The current line-up of the group was solidi ed in 2009, and since then the band has been forging a buzz-worthy name for themselves. The Cardboard Crowns released their debut album, Global Citizen, in October 2014. The nine-track album leads o with “Pulling Teeth,” a thoughtful slice of a rock anthem before moving into high-energy, ska-influenced territory on “Global Citizen” and “Sun and The Stars.”

The Cardboard Crowns’ world-class sound adheres tightly to the well-established tradition of upbeat ska music while also pushing it forward with a unique voice.

Hats Off

Pyramids On Mars

Pyramids On Mars

What: Rock
Where: Hamilton, ON
Visit: www.pyramidsonmars.com

Although the music of Hamilton’s Pyramids On Mars takes on a heavy influence from guitar great Joe Satriani, guitarist Kevin Estrella also infuses his output with progressive and electronic elements, lending an otherworldly feel to the band’s debut album.

The more progressive elements of Rush can be heard interwoven into Pyramids on Mars’  music, keeping the listener engaged with time signature changes and virtuoso playing anchored in interesting melodies. This has earned them airplay in markets ranging from Canada and the U.S. to Brazil, the Netherlands, and the U.K. If anything, it is taking the road less travelled – in this case, guitar-driven, instrumental music – that helps Pyramids On Mars stand out from the plethora of other groups vying for a piece of the prog rock pie.

Battle for Rome

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