July/August 2021 Features:

Barenaked Ladies - Take a Little Trip on Detour de Force
By Andrew Leyenhorst
One of Canada's favourite bands is back with a boldly adventurous new record; both in the music, and in the process of its creation. The quartet draws on the notions of impermanence, fragility, and  nding the wherewithal to see the bright spots in otherwise black skies to weave their way through these 14 tracks with classic BNL charm and character. However, while it's an introspective, thoughtful, and surprisingly intimate e ort,there's also plenty of irreverent tongue-in-cheek fun to be had as well, ultimately making for a timely record that's equal parts genuine, heartfelt, and amusing. We'll tell you all about it after this commercial break!

Get "Music Fit" - Artists & Experts Share WhatHas Helped Them Get Mentally & Physically Healthy
By Mike Schwartz
Aside from the loss of jobs, the uncertainty of the pandemic has brought on a much deeper, darker personal hell for many artists. And then there are the outliers. How are some artists thriving? That's what Mike Schwartz, a.k.a. the Rock Doctor, is interested in uncovering. What if we all moved more, breathed well, and used better words? What if the word "fitness" meant more than how many squats and push-ups we can do? What if we could build strength through our music? What if we had ways to solve the problems in our lives so we could be happy and continue to share our gift with the world?

John Orpheus - The Saga King's Lessons in Music & Life
By Michael Raine
Antonio Michael Downing, better known in the music world as John Orpheus, delves deep into the traumas, challenges, and triumphs of his fascinating life in the memoir, Saga Boy: My Life of Blackness and Becoming. He then celebrates the man he's become in his new genre-bending album, Saga King. With Canadian Musician, he shares the lessons he's learned about life, creativity, and the music business along the way.

How to Be a Self-Managed Artist And How & When to Get a Manager
By Michael Raine
Self-managed artist Alexander Saint and one of the best managers in the Canadian indie music scene, Six Shooter Inc.'s Helen Britton, reveal the skills and personality traits that are necessary to successfully manage your own music career. And they also explain when you should be looking to hire a manager, and what manager is a good fit for you.

CM's Hip-Hop Producers Panel - Going Behind the Beats with Five Hyped Canadian Producers
By Michael Raine
We spoke with  ve highly-respected Canadian rap producers who offer a mix of the new school and old school - David Strickland, Prezident Je , FrancisGotHeat, Taabu, and London Cyr - to learn more about what they do and how they do it, the gear and software they're using, and what tracks and sounds stand out to them from their impressive bodies of work.

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