February 11, 2016

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The Paper Route – July/August 1997

Style: If pop could rock…
Line-Up: Simon Nixon (guitar; vocals); Brad Maclean (bass, vocals); Cam Maclean (drums)
Contact: SSG Records 124 McGill St., #400, Montreal, PQ, H2Y 2E5 (514) 397-0450 FAX (514) 397-0083, vicenet@total.net[Picture] These transplanted Torontonians have been playing together for aeons, first in Rocktopus (which also featured I Mother Earth bassist Bruce Gordon) and, of late, in Perm. For its alternative project, The Paper Route, the Montreal-based trio snazzily suits-up in blazers, bow and skinny ties, to deliver its bolted-own hard pop. The oft quoted Elvis Costello rockin’ to The Figgs description is uncannily perfect. On The Paper Route’s debut, Go Get It, its rock is a kind that is tight and heavy but doesn’t bleed and rage, while Nixon’s voice has a hoarse-adenoidal character. Production is clean, but still lets the fire through. Truly one of the best indie albums around. The title-track, “Can’t Be Satisfied”, “Clean Me Soapy”, “Children Of The Revolution”, “Come Around”, heck, the whole album, is cool. Produced by Johnson C. and engineered by Howard Bilerman with assistant engineer Eric Shenfield at Mom & Pop Sounds. Distributed by Page Music.

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