5th Projekt – November/December 2005

Who: 5th Projekt
What: haunting
Where: Toronto and surrounding area
To Contact: Organik Rekords PO Box 59009, 2238 Dundas St. W., Toronto, Ontario M6R 3B5, play@5thprojekt.com, http://www.5thprojekt.com.

The band’s bio needed deciphering and follow-up, but here are the basics: a mix of varied British influences from Siouxie And The Banshees to more Old English folk, Nathan Kaye, Peter Broadley and Sk√∂dt D. McNalty esq. wrote this haunting material before seeking a singer. Enter rich-voiced Tara Rice, whose 2003 folk album, Face, was nominated for an Independent Music Award. She linked up with 5th Projekt in the summer of 2003. The band put out two EPs, DEMOn001 and DEMOn002 in the fall and winter of 2004, respectively, produced by Mark Mclay (Headstones, Jeff Healey, Goddo, Ronnie Hawkins) at Velvet Sound, in Mississauga, ON. “Skepticosm” made John Sakamoto’s respected Anti-Hit List in Toronto’s Eye Weekly. CBC Radio’s Sook Yin-Lee dubbed the band independent artist of the week on Definitely Not The Opera. College radio has been highly supportive. The Tales Of Don Quixote contains all six DEMOn songs, plus five others recorded at Toronto’s Umbrella and Nucleus, plus home studios. The instrumentation is vast and various – Rice (vocals, guitar, keyboards, programming), Kaye (acoustic and electronic percussion), Broadley (5-string bass), McNalty (6- and 7-string guitars, vocals, keys and programming). 5th Projekt is currently tracking at Toronto’s Chemical Sound with James Heidebrecht (The Constantines, Luke Doucet, Tangiers). The release is planned for early 2006.