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SOCAN & Muzooka Collaborate to Streamline Live Show Reporting for Artists

October 5th, 2017

SOCAN + MuzookaMuzooka and SOCAN have announced a new partnership that will see them integrate their live performance reporting technologies to make it easier for music creators to get paid when their work is performed on stage.

The Muzooka Setlist Reporter is a simplified solution to the challenge of reporting song setlists to receive more accurate payment of live performance royalties. Songwriters and composers earn royalties when music they own the rights to gets played in public. This new technology from Muzooka enables venues to report live shows, and performers to submit their setlists quickly and easily, integrating with SOCAN’s Notice of Live Music Performance (NLMP) application program interface (API) via the Muzooka platform.

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Performances registered on Muzooka trigger a post-show reminder to the performer requesting a setlist submission. They quickly select the songs performed from their preregistered works, and the Muzooka data verification tools confirm location, date, and performer details, then submit via the NLMP API directly to SOCAN. That information is used by SOCAN to distribute live performance royalty payments accurately to the songwriters, composers, or music publishers that own the rights to the music.

“Before now, submitting and obtaining setlists was equally challenging for artists and performing rights organizations,” says Michael McCarty, SOCAN Chief Membership & Business Development Officer. “Rights-holders can’t get paid unless we know what was played, so the collective return on investment is significant, but the process has been an impediment. Muzooka is helping solve the problem, and we applaud all efforts to get more money into the hands of music creators.”

Muzooka gives artists, venues, and festivals a place to manage media assets on multiple platforms from one central dashboard. Users can manage photos, videos, and social media links, build Video Posters, and promote their shows. Data collected by these tools verifies where and when a live show is happening and which artists are on the bill. The Muzooka Setlist Reporter is a natural extension of their core business to further support songwriters.

SOCAN and Muzooka are working together to ensure songwriters and composers are paid when their music is performed. They say that by streamlining the reporting process for live shows, these organizations are making the process simple, fast and, perhaps most importantly, accurate.

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