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UTA’s Former Canadian Agents Finding New Homes; APA & Paradigm Opening Toronto Offices

August 21st, 2017
Ralph James

Ralph James

Karen Bliss at has reported that following the surprising Aug. 1st announcement that UTA would close its Canadian office in Toronto, a number of the let go agents and other staff have found homes. Most prominently, former UTA COO Jack Ross and CEO Ralph James are going to lead a new Toronto office for APA, while Rob Zifarelli and Adam Countryman are doing the same for Paradigm.

Additionally, according to Billboard, Stefanie Purificati and Mike Graham are joining Ross and James at the new APA Canadian office. Paquin Artists Agency, a Canadian company, are hiring Adam Kreeft, Rob Thornton, and Sarah Litt. It’s believed that most of the artists represented by the agents will follow them to their new agencies.

For more information, including reactions to the news from members of the Canadian music industry, go to Bliss’s article HERE.

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