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Guitar Workshop Plus 2017 Special Seminars Revealed

June 22nd, 2017

GWP Muriel AndersonGuitar Workshop Plus has revealed some of the seminars that will be happening at its 2017 camps in the U.S. and Canada. This summer music program, which includes a Toronto-area session, provides a unique and intensive experience in music education and has scholarships available. Four sessions have been announced for the 2017 as follows:

San Diego, CA Session: June 18 – 23, 2017

Toronto, ON Session: July 23 – 28, 2017

Nashville, TN Session: July 30 – Aug 4, 2017

Seattle, WA Session: August 13 – 18, 2017


Classic Rock Styles (Toronto Session) with Michael Murray and special guest Rik Emmett

Classic Rock from the 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s has proven the test of time and remains one of the more popular genres. From the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Hendrix, and the Allman Brothers to The Eagles, Lynyrd Skynyrd, ZZ Top, and Aerosmith, this course will cover all the necessary elements of the classic rock sound which continues to influence bands today. This style incorporates a strong blues base and slick scales with memorable phrases for soloing techniques. Designed for intermediate to advanced players, topics will include an analysis of chord progressions, extensive study of pentatonics, modes, arpeggios, rhythm patterns, learning by ear, tone, phrasing, improvising, fretboard visualization and developing your own voice and style. An analysis of solos from some of the most famous classic rock tunes and using guitar harmony with two or more players will also be covered. Hall of Famer Rik Emmett will pay a special visit to this class.

Modern Acoustic Guitar (Toronto Session) with week-long resident artist Antoine Dufour and special guest Don Ross

The acoustic guitar is not simply a guitar. It’s a whole orchestra, a full band, a creative tool. It can be whatever you want it to be. The guitar is expressive in so many ways. Antoine will discuss and demonstrate his vision of the instrument and what you can do with it. Many new acoustic guitar techniques have been developed by many players over the past few decades. Some of them are not quite so obvious! In this class, Antoine will demystify everything about harmonics, go in depth about right hand techniques such as thumb percussive slaps, rhythmic and percussive effects, guitar body percussions, string stopping, left hand hammer technique, alternate tunings, and more. Antoine will also explain how he approaches phrasing his melodies and sometimes, how he sees the guitar not like a guitar player, but like a bunch of different instruments waiting to be played. All of that will be shown with tabs of exercises and examples along with parts of his songs. Antoine’s goal is also for the student to understand how and why you can apply this whole bag of tricks in modern fingerstyle songs and arrangements. The class is for intermediate to advanced players, but everyone is welcome and can benefit of the course. Students enrolled in this exciting course will also have the opportunity to learn from acoustic great, Don Ross!

GWP 2015 aAcoustic Spirit (Seattle Session) with special week-long resident guest Peppino D’Agostino

To Peppino, the guitar is like a mini orchestra of sounds, the perfect instrument for him to write his melodies, his musical ideas and especially express his emotions. In this special course designed for all levels of players, the world renowned acoustic master will show you the elements that define him as a musician. Peppino will cover everything imaginable in this course including body position, breathing/relaxation techniques, fingerstyle techniques for right and left hand, choosing the most suitable fingering, study of various guitar styles, performing tips, study of a composition in standard tuning, arranging and composing for steel string guitar, rhythms, the mysteries of open tunings, chords and scales in open tunings, study of a composition in open tuning, percussive techniques in conjunction with melodies, bass lines and chords, dynamics and musical expression, classical guitar for steel string, arranging in standard and open tuning, and music business. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to study for an entire week with one of the finest acoustic players around to gain confidence in your own playing and refine your skills as a player and a composer.

Monster Chops (Seattle Session) with special guests Tony MacAlpine and Mike Keneally

This exciting seminar will help you take your playing way beyond the next level! If you want licks, ideas, techniques, and just overall fun, look no further! Topics will include, but will not be limited to, sweeping, hybrid techniques, tapping, hammer on out of nowhere, rhythmic displaced arpeggios, modes and scales, various picking techniques, diatonic and non-diatonic soloing ideas, diminished applications and more! There will be lots of in class performing and jamming. Students in this class will have the incredible experience of learning from not one, but two legendary players in Tony MacAlpine and Mike Keneally!

BLUES BASH (San Diego Session) with Wayne Riker & special guest Debbie Davies

With the success the last Blues Bash, Guitar Workshop Plus is pleased to offer it again for the 2017 session. Don’t miss the opportunity to join the fun while bonding with other blues guitarists in a sparkling setting amid the rolling hills of San Diego County. Gear up for an invigorating week of stockpiling new fretboard ideas to add to your existing vocabulary, including signature licks, rhythms, turnarounds, chord voicings, arpeggios and invaluable improvisational concepts in a positive and supportive classroom setting. Wayne will cover all the pertinent blues styles, including Chicago, Texas, Delta, Jump, Jazz and Rhythm & Blues. Wayne’s classes are conducted in a relaxed and entertaining atmosphere in which interactive playing and lively discussion on all things blues and beyond is encouraged. This class will also be joined by renowned blues guitarist Debbie Davies!

Hot Country Guitar (Nashville Session) with Michael Hawley and special guest Johnny Hiland

GWP 2015Whether you are a blues, rock or jazz player, this class will give you the tools to take on any Country gig with confidence. Topics include Hybrid pick-and-finger techniques, Chicken pickin’, Pedal-Steel and Open string licks, building single note lines from chord forms, creating double stops, and mapping the fretboard to effectively play through chord changes. There will also be an in depth look at the Bluegrass styles of players like Doc Watson and Tony Rice as well as the Western Swing styles of Jimmy Bryant, Bob Wills, Asleep At The Wheel and more. Gain practical knowledge on how to generate a great country tone, including effects & settings, signal chain, amps, pickups, and guitars, as well as in-depth discussion of the styles of today’s masters, such as Albert Lee, Brent Mason, Johnny Hiland, Ray Flacke, Danny Gatton, Pete Anderson and more. Plenty of in-class playing is utilized to reinforce the many new ideas and techniques this style demands. Rather than ending up with just a collection of licks, several country ‘standards’ are used as templates, allowing students to implement their ideas right away into songs. Not just for Country players, this seminar teaches improvisational concepts that apply to any style. Learning from the great Johnny Hiland… simply awesome!

Jazz Styles & Improvisation (Nashville Session) with Chip Henderson & special guest Mike Stern

Get ready for a great week of learning jazz styles and applying jazz improvisation concepts to the guitar. These concepts are not just for jazz guitar enthusiasts – they can be adopted by all guitarists and applied to their favorite style. Open to any guitarist with a keen interest in improvisation, this course will emphasize ear training and a deeper understanding of the fingerboard by examining familiar chord and scale structures, creating new ones, and discovering fresh harmonic and melodic ideas. Teacher and author Chip Henderson will help guide you through the various components of jazz improvisation and help you apply these components to the fingerboard. Chip will also assist legendary jazz guitarist Mike Stern in expanding the material through lectures, performance, and Q&A sessions. There will be lots of hands on learning in this course. Further topics will include developing melodic content through guide-tone lines, modal chord/scale relationships, chordal voice leading, composition, and a variety of rhythmic styles from swing to samba to funk grooves. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to expand your playing and composing as well as have one-on-one time with one of the best jazz/jazz fusion guitarists around – Mike Stern.

The Complete Rock Guitarist (San Diego Session) with Keith Greenwood and special guest Andy Timmons

This seminar will give you the tools to develop your own style. Influences are important in a player but learning to cut your own path will give you longevity and get you noticed amongst your peers and listeners. Topics include creating your own guitar lines and phrases by thinking outside of the box and breaking stale practice routines of scales and chords, being able to move freely around the guitar when chording and creating riffs, user friendly theory that can be applied right away, fretboard visualization, and target notes. Techniques such as legato, tapping, economy, alternate, and sweep picking will also be covered. There will be lots of in class jamming and plenty of examples that you can take home and practice. The great Andy Timmons will visit and work with this class!

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