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Feds Announce Major Review of Cultural Policies; Launch Online Consultation Survey

April 27th, 2016
Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly

Minister of Canadian Heritage Mélanie Joly

Minister of Canadian Heritage Mélanie Joly has announced that the federal government will conduct a wide-ranging review of all cultural policies, which includes everything from CanCon regulations to the Canada Music Fund, the Canadian Council for the Arts, the Broadcast Act, the CRTC, the CBC, and more. As she told the Globe & Mail, “everything is on the table.”

“Canada’s cultural industries account for more than 600,000 jobs and generate 3 per cent of Canada’s GDP, or $47.7-billion a year. As Canadian Heritage likes to point out, that is double the size of Canada’s agricultural, fisheries and forestry sectors combined,” noted the Globe’s Daniel LeBlanc.The cultural sector is facing an unprecedented level of upheaval, as foreign websites that offer everything from movies to music to information shake up Canada’s broadcasters, producers, publishers and video-game developers.”

A federal cultural review of this scale hasn’t happened since 1991, a time before the widespread use of the Internet and well before Netflix, YouTube, music streaming, and illegal downloading.

“I think the current model is broken, and we need to have a conversation to bring it up to date and make sure we harness its full potential. For a long time, politicians have been afraid to deal with these difficult issues, but I don’t understand why it wasn’t done.… The issue is how can the government be relevant today, instead of being left behind,” Joly told the Globe & Mail.

The consultation process has begun with an open survey for consumers and those working in cultural industries, which can be found here:

The end result of this review, which is likely years away, could have significant implications on CanCon on the radio, music streaming, the CBC, and more.

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