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CM Catches up with… Eric Johnson

Wednesday, May 31st, 2017
At Saucer Sound Studio in Austin, Texas. Pictured with Martin guitar. Photographed by Max Crace.

At Saucer Sound Studio in Austin, Texas by Max Crace.

While on tour promoting his new acoustic album, EJ, consummate guitarist Eric Johnson took the time to speak with Canadian Musician’s Hal Rodriguez on writing, recording, and practicing. For more information, visit

What new things did you discover about yourself as a singer-songwriter as you were working on EJ?

Well, that I just wanted to push towards more sincere, honest, spontaneous recordings as I was losing interest in manipulated recordings. It was important for me to just try to play the songs live in the studio. In doing that, I’ve discovered things that I want to work on musically, as well as little things that I was happy to hear that were a little different.


CM Catches up with… Robben Ford

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017


I recently had the pleasure of speaking to esteemed blues veteran, Robben Ford, in the midst of his current tour on the topics of songwriting, improvising, and the music business. Photos by Piper Ferguson. For more info, visit

In what way does your latest album, Into The Sun, demonstrate your growth as an artist?

Primarily, the way I’ve focused my creative energy towards songwriting. That’s been my favourite part of my musical journey. It feels really good and I feel like I am indeed, getting better and better at songwriting. In terms of the guitar, I’m not becoming a better guitar player over the years. I think I’ve become a better musician and it’s nice to have something that is still growing later in your career.


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