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#CMPremiere – The Faceplants’ “Who I Am Inside” Music Video

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

“Who I Am Inside” is the infectious new single from Vancouver rock outfit The Faceplants, and we’re bringing you the band’s sleek and sharp new video for the track in this exclusive #CMPremiere. The song comes from the band’s forthcoming LP, produced by Ben Kaplan (Hedley, Mother Mother, Biffy Clyro), and fuses retro sounds with a fresh, modern production style resulting in a stick-in-your-head pop-rock anthem.

The Faceplants

The video was written, directed, and edited by The Faceplants’ lead singer and principal songwriter, Dan Botch.

“Working on the visuals to our music was the next step in my ongoing creative journey,” says Botch. “I was forced into this position for our last video after our director dropped out a day or two before we were set to shoot. It was a challenging experience, but ultimately extremely rewarding. This time, I had a lot more time to prepare for the role and was a lot more comfortable with the whole process, and I think that shows in the final product. I feel so fulfilled now that I am able to see the songs I write into fruition both in the studio and from behind the lens.”

While The Faceplants have been together since 2006, it wasn’t until the release of their singles “Why” in 2015 and “Devil in a White Dress” in 2016 that band members Dan Botch, Garret Ward, Graham MacKinnon, Paddy Spencer, and Chris Wong truly solidified their artistic identity.

From filling many of the iconic venues in their hometown of Vancouver – The Rio, The Roxy, VENUE, and Tom Lee Music Hall among them – to touring the country half a dozen times in the last few years, the band has left an influential impression on those it reaches.

The Faceplants are currently in production for their debut forthcoming LP the culmination of three years of endless touring, self development, and sheer hard work.

The album is a concept record about perseverance, discovering one’s identity, and overcoming insecurities through personal journey. It is the soundtrack to those carving their own path. The Faceplants’ goal is to touch every single person out there that is on their own journey and give a voice to those trying to find theirs.

With their in-your-face attitude, powerful and unforgettable songs, and sheer tenacity, The Faceplants are here to make a name for themselves.



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  1. Madison Lowery Says:

    I am so proud of you all!!! I am way too happy for this♥️ So inspiring and amazing! The more I listen to this song the more I can relate. I love you guys and cannot wait for more new songs to come! Keep writing and stay wonderful!♥️

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