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#CMPremiere – Streetlight Social’s “Blood from Stone”

Thursday, April 27th, 2017

Streetlight Social

Streetlight Social are readying the release of their debut LP, Blood from Stone, set to drop on Friday, May 5th, 2017. The album is the culmination of years of hard work and finds the band straying from their hard rock roots. We’re bringing you an early listen in this exclusive #CMPremiere.

In the greenrooms around Southern Ontario, the passenger seat of a worn-down vehicle, the living room of a sound-proofed house – Streetlight Social was born. While trying to follow in their mentor’s footsteps as a hard rock band in mid-2012, they would wind down for the evening with acoustic guitars, layers of harmonies, and whatever other various instruments were to be found within arms’ reach. “It became less of a hobby and more of what we got out of bed for,” says Kevin Austin, Streetlight’s banjo and keyboard player. “Before long, we found ourselves playing rock shows to fulfill obligations while itching to show each other the latest acoustic guitar part we’d written to accompany some piano part or another.”

Finding themselves enjoying the after-party more than the shows themselves, they abandoned their hard rock aspirations and in the following months, collaborative efforts with pals in platinum-selling rock band My Darkest Days set the groundwork for the folk rock act before you, releasing their self-titled EP in February 2014.

Shortly after, the group began working on their full-length debut, Blood from Stone. Its first single, “Daybreaks,” is the embodiment of their musical journey thus far – an upbeat, hooky take on folk rock that showcases their penchant for memorable melodies and magnetic harmonies.

Streetlight Album

“To say that this record means a lot to us would be an understatement,” shares vocalist/guitarist Chris Millar. “This is two years of hard work – shaping and reshaping our sound as the band evolved alongside the album itself. This was a labour of love, and a lot of sweat equity was invested to get where we are today. It’s been an emotional journey for everyone involved. We hope you enjoy this record even half as much as we did creating it, and we expect you’ll be hearing and seeing more from us in the near future.”

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