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Artist Submissions Now Open for Landmark Showcase Fest 2016/17 in Toronto

Wednesday, November 9th, 2016

Landmark eventSubmissions are now open for the upcoming Landmark Events showcase festival in Toronto Starting Dec. 11, 2016 at Revival and Mod Club.

LME is an artist development organization, that discovers new up and coming independent artists through live showcase festivals hosted across North America. The organization says it believes that “exceptional quality music is the first step to success, and seeing artists perform live in front of the public, and industry representatives, is the best way for us to see their market potential.”

Professionals from the music industry, such as record label owners and A&RS, booking agents, publicists, radio trackers, managers, music supervisors, producers, and more are invited to the showcases to choose the best independent artists from these festivals. Once the top selected artists are chosen from these events, LME rewards them with music development grants.

Once grants have been given to the top selected artists, they will consult with LME to plan and create strategies how to utilize these grants for their upcoming music endeavors.

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