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Canadian Musician’s CMW Sweepstake Winners Revealed

Tuesday, April 26th, 2016
Wayne Neon

Wayne Neon

The winner of Canadian Musician’s 2016 CMW Sweepstakes have been chosen.

Wayne Neon has won two delegate passes and two seven-day festival passes for Canadian Music Week 2016, while Seán Savage has also won two seven-day CMW festival passes.

Wayne Neon is a member of the Amazing Tubular Orchestra and describes himself as the “illegitimate love child of Bob Dylan and Duke Ellington.”  He is a Toronto-based arranger and bandleader. His music blends folk, jazz, blues, rock, skiffle, country, mariachi, English Beat, Motown, Dixieland, Honky Tonk, shuffle, pop, beach party, and lounge music, which, he says, “gives new meaning to the word eclectic.”


Seán Savage

Seán Savage

Seán Savage is a producer, performer, and composer. He is a mastering and mix engineer by trade having worked on many pop and electronic projects. His remixes have received international acclaim and spins by the world’s leading taste makers. Seán created and supervised Centennial College’s Recording Arts Program and co-founded Play De Record Academy. He continues to produce, create, and release music through his music label, Dibgate Records, and provide revenue streams for his catalog though his publishing company Dibgate Media.


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