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Flix Canada Agency Launches To Takes Canadian Punk Rockers to Europe

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016
Eamon McGrath in the video for "Running From The Cops"

Eamon McGrath in the video for “Running From The Cops”

The following is from FYI Music News

Europe has long been a happy hunting ground for Canadian artists in all genres, and Flix Canada aims to increase our export of punk-inflected rockers considerably. This is a brand new Toronto-based booking agency whose primary focus is on Europe.

The company is headed by Eamon McGrath, a prolific singer/songwriter and author of some renown. To get the Flix facts, FYI recently interviewed McGrath.

He explained that Flix Canada will partner closely with the Berlin-based Flix Agency, one that has already been working with such Canadian acts as Dearly Beloved and Sunparlour Players in Europe. “I’ve worked with Flix, and more directly its founder Felix Willikonsky, countless times on trips overseas and on some tours I was booking independently,” says McGrath.

“It started out as more or less us just helping each other out on various projects, and knowing that we really shared a philosophy and ideology when it came to a DIY approach and punk rock spirit, and then it sort of just naturally evolved to more of a formal, official partnership.

I’d also bring Flix bands and projects that I was not only playing in but sometimes also booking, and I was always really impressed with the tenacity they attack every project with. Over the years I’ve steadily been trying to find more work offstage that didn’t involve me swinging a hammer or using a skillsaw and so I got more and more into booking tours to not put my guitar-playing appendages at risk, and so here we are.”

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