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Larry LeBlanc to Host “Inside the Music” Episode on Michael Cohl, Bob Ezrin & Bruce Allen

Thursday, November 26th, 2015
Bob Ezrin

Bob Ezrin

Veteran music journalist Larry Leblanc has told us that CBC-Radio will be nationally airing a one hour radio commentary that he did on the life and times of Michael Cohl, Bob Ezrin, and Bruce Allen on the program “Inside The Music.”

The times the show will air are:

Sunday, Dec. 6 on Radio 2 and3 pm ET and Radio One at 9 pm ET

Wednesday, Dec. 9 on Radio 2 and 7 pm ET

Sirius XM 169 plays the episode on Dec. 4 (2 pm), Dec. 5 (5 am), Dec. 6 (9 pm), and Dec. 9 (7 am)

The program consists of Leblanc’s commentary on the life and times of three accomplished Canadian entertainment figures along with relevant music recordings.

For more information, go to!/Inside-the-Music


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