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Where is FACTOR Money Going?

Thursday, September 3rd, 2015

FYI Music News has linked to this interesting article from simply called “Who is Getting the FACTOR Money?” They breakdown by province/state and program who has gotten FACTOR money since 2013. In that time, FACTOR ha granted $35 million to 1,822 artists, record labels, and entertainment companies.

They note that the breakdown is not by where the artist is from, but by where the cheque is going, which accounts for why American states appear on the list and why Ontario is so dominate, since Toronto is home to the most record labels and arts companies and groups.

The authors say, “Ontario dominates. Quebec and British Columbia follow, each with about 1/3 of Ontario’s funding. Things go way down after that. Rounding out the list (but too small to be visible on that chart) are Minnesota ($21,950), Colorado ($17,425), Nunavut ($12,500), Northwest Territories ($3,920), Tennessee ($2,645) and $1,500 each to Baden-Würtemburg (in Germany) and the District of Columbia.”

Here is the chart from location:

FACTOR money chart


“Is this distribution just because way more Ontarians are applying than those in the prairies? And is that due to a lack of awareness, confusion over the grant process or otherwise? Ontario’s domination of FACTOR funding can’t be rationalized just by looking at differences in population. One explanation is that labels getting hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding (i.e. Arts & Crafts, Paper Bag Records) are based in Toronto.”

Continue reading HERE for a list of the top recipients and a breakdown by program type. It’s quite interesting.



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