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CM On The Ground For POP Montreal 2014 – Day 5

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014
Stars amidst their highly-anticipated POP Montreal set

Stars amidst their highly-anticipated POP Montreal set

Canadian Musician‘s sweet and stylish correspondents Candice Dugas and Melanie Cheung are on the ground in Montreal to cover POP Montreal. This year’s bill is as diverse as ever and features a heap of Canadian and international headliners performing around the city. Words are by Candice, shots are by Mel. For more from the ladies, check out The Run In.

With four days of POP madness down, we had to ease into the last day of the Festival. We returned to Divan Orange in time to catch the end of Dear Denizen’s set. Band members Chris Ngabonzia, Jeff Louch, Alex Hackett, Bucky Wheaton and Alex Crow grooved away the rainy Sunday afternoon blues with their brand of post-punk for a hometown crowd.

The next band to perform was Montreal’s The Fall Line. After the summer release of their debut EP Original Sin, they were ready to prove their talent. Think Fleetwood Mac meets The Postal Service. Backed by soul and folk influences, they delivered captivating songs, rising and falling on themes of love and life’s battles. Hallie Gyles and Emily Skahan (also a member of Motel Raphael) have truly angelic voices that complemented Ryan Statland and Daniel Moscovitch’s synth, harmonica, and guitars.

The Fall LIne

The Fall Line

Nearing the close of the festival, it was time for an intimate evening with Stars live broadcast at Breakglass Studio. It was a gathering of many of Montreal’s own music stars that night; we spotted Patrick Watson, Catherine McCandless of Young Galaxy, and as we left the venue, we walked by Win Butler of Arcade Fire. It felt like a family affair. There were children running in and out of the stage area, with the cutest little girls dressed in tutus and sound muffling earphones twirling to their parents’ jams.



Stars’ performance was energetic yet felt intimate for the cozy setting of the small studio; the entire performance was video taped and live-streamed online.  Lead singers Torquil Campbell and Amy Millan are clearly seasoned vets by now, with countless breathtaking performances under their belts; however, their excitement and passion poured out onto the crowd as if it were one of their first shows. Many nostalgic moments ensued over the night as Amy Millan explained that many of the songs they were singing were recorded at that very studio. A true highlight of nostalgia for us was in their final encore performance of “Your Ex-Lover is Dead,” the first track off of their 2004 album Set Yourself on Fire, bringing us back to our university days where that song lived on repeat.

Chris Ngabonzia

Dear Denizen

It was an unlikely pairing of bands for this year’s POP Mtl lineup –  “vintage” groups like JJ Fad, Suzanne Vega, and Sheryl Crow, mixed with mainstream current names like Schoolboy Q and Twin Shadow. Either way, we witnessed as much hip hop, trap, folk and country that one extended weekend could handle. Weekend highlight? Sheryl Crow’s “All I Want To Do” .. is have some fun! Special thanks to Andrew King and our friends at Canadian Musician for another round of POP Mtl epic memories.




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