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CM On The Ground For POP Montreal 2014 – Day 4

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014
Montreal's L.A. Foster performing to a hometown crowd during POP MTL 2014

Montreal’s L.A. Foster performing to a hometown crowd during POP MTL 2014


Canadian Musician‘s sweet and stylish correspondents Candice Dugas and Melanie Cheung are on the ground in Montreal to cover POP Montreal. This year’s bill is as diverse as ever and features a heap of Canadian and international headliners performing around the city. Words are by Candice, shots are by Mel. For more from the ladies, check out The Run In.

Our day began at Divan Orange for L.A. Foster’s performance. Frontwoman Lesley Ann Foster delivered her alluring voice to melodic synths and R&B beats. Her soulful songs were inspired by her time in Buenos Aires, Mexico City, and Montreal. We also spotted Montreal-based model Irina Lăzăreanu, who came out to support the band. Foster’s definitely one to watch out for as an up and comer in the Montreal music scene.

Then it was time to return again to Olympia, where the hip hop vibe was a definite 180 from last night’s Sheryl Crow show. We can’t recall ever having to pass through a metal detector for a POP event before.

DJ High Klassified

DJ High Klassified

DJ High Klassified opened for Schoolboy Q with a set of trap music to get the crowd going. The only thing higher than his hair was the energy level in the room. He threw a few curve balls into the mix, including a welcome cut of Eiffel 65’s “Blue.”

The crowd went wild when Schoolboy Q (Quincey Matthew Hanley) hit the stage. Montrealers have been waiting a long time for the South Central L.A. rapper to hit the city. In between songs, Q said, “I didn’t get to come to Montreal for the Oxymoron tour so I’m going to bring that heat tonight.” The room fed off of his energy and shouted out each lyric in unison.

Schoolboy Q

Schoolboy Q

Schoolboy Q renamed the city Mon-Trill and was impressed by the overwhelming Canadian support. He continued to express his gratitude in advance of each song, at one point stating, “I owe all of my success to my fans. I wouldn’t be anywhere without you. You put the food on my table every night and most importantly, [your support] puts my daughter through school. My happiness is your happiness.”

Q pumped out crowd favourites like “Collared Greens,” “Studio,” and an encore performance of “Man of the Year.” The smoke filled crowd was left dazed and satisfied. After all of that dancing, we had to refuel at Nouveau Palais, housing POP Mtl DJs, and serving hands down the best cheeseburger in the city ’til the wee hours.

L.A. Foster

L.A. Foster


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