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CM On The Ground For POP Montreal 2014 – Day 1

Friday, September 19th, 2014
Young Paris performs during POP Montreal 2014

Young Paris performs during POP Montreal 2014

Once again, Canadian Musician‘s sweet and stylish correspondents Candice Dugas and Melanie Cheung are on the ground in Montreal to cover POP Montreal. This year’s bill is as diverse as ever and features a heap of Canadian and international headliners performing around the city. Words are by Candice, shots are by Mel. For more from the ladies, check out The Run In.

When the students roll back to town and the first chill rushes the air, the loss of hazy summer nights is only comforted by the onset of autumn’s enticing music season.  It’s that time of year again for your Montreal correspondents Candice Dugas and Melanie Cheung to POP ’til we drop! With big names like Sheryl Crow, Timber Timbre, Schoolboy Q, Twin Shadow, and Panda Bear, this year’s lineup doesn’t disappoint.

Young Paris' dancer

Young Paris’ dancer

Our night began at Quartiers POP for the 2014 opening party where we stocked up on American Apparel gear and free beer.  We entered a low-lit room offset by strung coloured light bulbs. Although it was early in the evening, a ‘crunk’ vibe was already forming. Young Paris entranced the crowd to the rhythm of their beat. Everyone was dancing like no one was watching. Singer/Rapper Milandou Badila was accompanied by a masked mega-muscular male dancer. The set was a blend of New York-style rap with African influence, each song electronically charged. Young Paris stated he recently moved to Montreal and is ready to take the city by storm. We look forward to catching more performances soon.

Our main event Wednesday night was Sun Kil Moon at the Fédération Ukrainienne: Salle St-Ambroise. We’re convinced front man Mark Kozelek must have some blood relation to Bruce Springsteen; his soothing voice is reminiscent of our summer’s at home. His lyrics have a way of sucking you into his journey. The stories of his past range from boyhood adventures to first loves, as well as loss and sorrow. It is raw and unapologetic. Kozelek’s song structure is much more of the narrative nature, with no clear start and end to each thought. The words tumble out and cross over, it’s a surprisingly refreshing twist on methodological songwriting.

Most of the show consisted of songs from Sun Kil Moon’s fifth and latest album, Benji.

In between songs, Kozlek admitted to previously cancelling a Montreal show due to meeting a nymphomaniac lady in Toronto. Three nights with his lover and he had no voice left for a performance. These sentiments arise in his lyrics “…when I fuck too much I feel like I’m gonna have a heart attack.”

After the stark contrast of dancing our hearts out at the charged opening party and listening Mark’s dreamy melodies echoing in the intimate theatre, we were ready to call it a night.


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