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Music Books Plus Top 10 IMSTA FESTA Sellers

Thursday, September 11th, 2014

Music Books Plus has released this list of its Top 10 Bestsellers from the recent IMSTA FESTA Show in Toronto. There is currently special offer on this selection, use the Coupon Code ‘IMSTA’ when purchasing and receive a special 10% discount at

01-career1. A Career in Music – The Other 12 Step Program



02 law2. Music Law Handbook for Canada



03 synth3. What’s a Synthesizer?



04 micing4. The Mixing Engineer’s Handbook, Third Edition



05 roger5. The Roger Nichols Recording Method



06 basic6. Basic Mixing Techniques



07 recording7. The Recording Engineer’s Handbook, Third Edition



08 producers8. The Music Producer’s Survival Guide



09 itunes9. iTunes Music: Mastering High Resolution Audio Delivery



10 web10. Web Marketing for the Music Business, 2nd Edition

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