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What Are Canada’s Most Famous Musicians Worth?

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

$100When we came across the website¬†, we thought it would be interesting to see what the personal net worth of some notable Canadian musicians and singers is. Here’s a quick overview:


Celine Dion $400 million
Shania Twain $350 million
Justin Bieber $200 million
Bryan Adams $65 million
Neil Young $65 million
Chad Kroeger $60 million
Paul Anka $60 million
Avril Lavigne $50 million
Anne Murray $45 million
Alanis Morissette $45 million
Drake $45 million
Michael Bublé $40 million
Sarah McLachlan $35 million
David Foster $30 million
Geddy Lee $30 million
Gordon Lightfoot $30 million
Alex Lifeson $28 million
Nelly Furtado $25 million
Neil Peart $22 million
Leonard Cohen $20 million
Diana Krall $18 million
Karl Wolf $16 million
Randy Bachman $15 million
Burton Cummings $14 million
Robbie Robertson $10 million
Rufus Wainwright $10 million
Sebastian Bach $7 million
Joni Mitchell $6 million
Deborah Cox $6 million
Pierre Bouvier $5 million
Gord Downie $4 million
Raine Maida $1.4 million

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  1. joe Says:

    what are these numbers based on?

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