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CM Does M For Montreal, Day 3

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

Amelia Curran

Canadian Musician correspondents Candice Dugas and Melanie Cheung are back with coverage of the 8th annual edition of M for Montreal.

M for Montreal Day 3 was a two-part kind of night for us, beginning with acoustic indie folk and ending with hip-hop reggae jams.

We headed to Divan Orange for Amelia Curran, Mark Berube & Lakes of Canada, presented by M for Montreal, Indie Montreal & Sors-tu. St. John’s, NL native Amelia Curran opened with soulful love songs from her latest album, Spectators, out on Six Shooter Records. Her set had a blend of broody drinking numbers and hopeful ballads – in East Coast terms, both storm and harbour.

The folk music continued with Montreal’s Mark Berube taking the stage. He entertained the audience with South African-inspired folk pop. His songs resembled a poetic, spoken word form of storytelling. Kristina Koropecki, Mark’s co-conspirator, provided backup vocals and harmonies from her autoharp.

Mark Berube

Lakes of Canada appeared in eclectic stage ensembles,with kimonos, long beards, and body paint all in the mix. Their new sound of gospel indie rock is a bit of a shift from their folk roots.

These Montreal based musicians are set to record an album at Breakglass Studio with producer Jace Lasek. They were a lively finish to the evening’s folk inspired session.

The night transitioned to the hip hop event presented by M for Montreal, Evenko & Greenland, featuring Grand Analog and a Cadence Weapon DJ Set.

Cadence Weapon is hot off his third Polaris Music Prize-nominated album, Hope in Dirt City. Edmonton bred and currently Montreal based, he’s part of the it crew in the city’s party scene. Although he’s making waves of his own, you’ll catch him out to support his musically minded friends. (He was spotted at the Black Atlass show Wednesday night and a TOPS performance during this year’s Pop Montreal festival.

Lakes of Canada

Cadence Weapon DJ sets promise the need to bust a move, as his playlists are infused with hip hop, old school rap, mutant disco, and psychedelic soul. It’s great to watch him in his element; he has a genuine desire to provide an elated ambiance and you’ll catch him dancing harder than anyone at the beginning of each song.

The hip hop vibes continued with the entrance of Grand Analog, Winnipeg’s beat junkies. Supporting the release of their debut album, Modern Thunder, they spread some prairie love to M for Montreal. Their energy was infectious, and the whole crowd was feeding off of lead man Odario Williams’ stage presence. Band members Warren Bray (bassist), Allister Johnson (keyboardist), TJ Garcia (drummer), and Ofield Williams (DJ), brought the hip hop/reggae/dub/R&B sound. It is clear that each member contributes their own personal flavour to the group.

Grand Analog

Each song was transitioned with Odario freestyling or giving a large man hug to any lucky member of the front row. Hug or no hug, Grand Analog’s set was a pleasant end to our third day into M for Montreal.

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