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CM Does POP Montreal 2013 – Day 5

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013
Songs of Darkness at the Rialto Theatre

Songs of Darkness at the Rialto Theatre

Candice and Laura seem to have fared well on the final day of  POP Montreal 2013. Big thanks to Candice, Melanie, and Laura for the updates from one of our favourite events of the year, and cheers to the POP staff for yet another great edition. See you all in 2014…

After Saturday’s endless fun, we had to ease into the last day of the festival. POP Montreal Day 5 led us to a night filled with Songs of Darkness.

We headed to the Rialto Theatre for a collaborative concert featuring some of Montreal’s finest musicians, among them: Patrick Watson, Ariel Engle and Andrew Whiteman of AroarA, Sarah Page of The Barr Brothers, Laurel Sprengelmeyer aka Little Scream, Hans Bernhard, and a few more special guests.

Attending a Patrick Watson show is like going to visit an old friend. It’s comforting – and inspiring to see how much they’ve flourished since you saw them last. Patrick Watson always engages the crowd with his goofy stories in between songs. That night, he was amongst many friends,EhmojnltzD5fLU6ufsneQELYOJmYJO1NVIfiiiTU0vQJANsr8RV-ap9-B-2TgPDmoA=w949-h434 both on stage and in the audience.

Songs of Darkness was a mix of each artist’s original material and chosen covers (of darkness). Truly, it was not as depressing as it sounds. It was more of a discovery of how these emotions affect music and the passion it gives songwriters.

Little Scream included her song inspired by “nights stalking old acquaintances’ Facebook profiles only to find their mugshots.” Eden Sela, a song about moving to Montreal in her 20s, being reckless, and the depression that soon followed. Andrew Whiteman (a Broken Social Scene founding member) and his new Montreal-based duo dedicated its set to a close friend dealing with serious health issues.

Patrick Watson and Sarah Page sang a Blind Willie Johnson song, “Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground.” Sarah Page´ played a Billy Bragg song, “Black Wind Blowing.” Lil’ H6r_zHaPlKn3uHnt_edTQIudWFDkE7cQ5n6AxUuHtLo8CxVnni_8Y3C6zsgQIL4tQg=w949-h434Andy performed Leonard Cohen’s “Democracy” and his own song, “On My Way To Heaven Anyhow,” written in a church on Saint Denis.

Two best covers of the night? Leif Vollebekk joined his friends for his cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Atlantic City” and Sarah Page, Leif Vollebekk, Joe Grass, and Patrick Watson sang Nirvana’s “Lithium” – the clear crowd favourite.

With so many talented musicians, we were delighted to have a lengthy concert. All joined together in the end to perform James Carr’s “Dark End Of The Street.” As an encore, Patrick Watson returned to play his beautiful song “The Great Escape” – an uplifting end considering the tone of the night.

62DjzlBOoF2IKo5sYGwdEPSduj0jg6bOBY6bb9eM1QxhR6ZuCgdTLNa90DsqvcnsCw=w949-h434POP MTL 2013 shaped up to be everything we had hoped, and more. With so many epic performances seen and new bands discovered, we are rounding out our Fall playlists. Big thanks to our friends at Canadian Musician for this unforgettable experience!

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