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In the Van & On the Road Post 2: May 8th

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

By Travis Miles

 Checking in from a friend’s mother’s house in New Waterford, Nova Scotia — a small town just outside of Sydney. Located right alongside the Atlantic ocean, the air is cold, but the smiles are warm. After a much appreciated home cooked meal I am sitting in a homey basement with seven road worn friends. All is quiet excluding the dull blow of the old dehumidifier sitting in the room’s corner, and the relative silence seems to be welcomed by all.

The past five days have been a lot of fun despite the dismal turnouts in Ottawa, Quebec City, and Moncton. Being our first time playing Quebec City and Moncton, and picking up a last minute show in Ottawa, the turnouts haven’t come as a surprise and spirits seem to still be sky high at both The Penske File and Fire Next Time camps (our vans).

All the venues, promoters and the few people who have come out to watch have been interested and hospitable. We have made many new friends, and have had some wonderful experiences.

We drove straight through the night Friday from Ottawa to Quebec City and spent all day Saturday exploring the city — which is so unique to Canada and is ripe with architectural and cultural charisma. We made some new friends and fans at our show that night, and were fortunate enough to be offered their place to stay for the night. The next day, we were on the road again and after a long day of driving we parked for the night in a Walmart lot in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Walmart parking lots are good for this because no one will ever bother you and any necessary road supplies are available to you readily in morning.

That day (monday) we had a show cancel and decided to find a beach to hang out at, play some baseball and have a couple drinks. We managed to find a place just outside of Moncton and upon exiting the van it was unspoken yet understood by all that the beach would be a phenomenal place to post up for the night. And what a night it was, ending with an inebriated smile and me in my sleeping bag on the beach looking up at the stars and silently thanking the night for its potent beauty.

The next day (tuesday), I woke up sandy to the sunrise and we played at Plan B in Moncton, which was a really cool venue. We played to the bar staff and a few others, and were put up for the night in the apartment above the venue. Feeling very much at home, we talked feverishly, played dice, and sang songs. I passed out on a pull out couch in the apartment’s living room an hour after the sun rose, and awoke with a headache. We cleaned the apartment and left Moncton for our present home in New Waterford in the late afternoon.

Tomorrow we have a show in Sydney, Nova Scotia, at Governors and have been told that it will be a good one. For now, though, it’s time to catch up on some sleep.


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