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The Album That Started It All – A Romanticized Recount

Friday, April 19th, 2013

Blink 182’s Enema of the State

It came to me, full bodied, at a young age. Like a clue to a mystery I didn’t quite understand, it stole my conscious wonder. Tremulous curiosity filled my mind, and euphoric excitement washed over my body.

In the basement of my parents house, in 2000 it began. I was eight years old, and my parents were out when I “borrowed” my big sister’s copy of Blink 182’s Enema of the State. I had been keen on doing this for upwards of two weeks, but was hesitant, because of the rules my parents had implicated about restricting music with profanity – and having porn star Janine Lindemulder on the album’s cover didn’t help my case.
It was two weeks prior that I saw the music video for the album’s first single All the Small Things on Much Music. I thought the song was the coolest, edgiest thing ever – thinking back on that, All the Small Things is near as poppy as rock music can get, but I was eight and it was “the best thing ever!”

Up until this time I had listened to music as it was played around me. I liked this song, and that song, but never cared to investigate any further. I was a casual music fan as many people are their entire lives. Of course that was all about to change, as casual quickly transformed to fanatic. Enema of the State was the catalyst to this transformation.

So, as I sat in the basement, lights off, hunched over my Discman like a junkie over a needle, I listened to the music as if I had never listened to anything else before. I clearly remember this.

I remember trying to determine which instrument was which, and I couldn’t tell the drums from the guitar and had no idea where the bass was or what it sounded like, it was just a fountain of golden noise. I remember the sight of the disc spinning like rapid fire as I saw it through the tiny window on the top half of the player. I remember the way the cheap felt-like headphone material felt as I pressured it closer to my ears. I remember the smile that slowly manifested itself, and grew to stretch from ear to ear.

For 35 minutes and 17 seconds I was encapsulated by the sounds, and since then I have never been the same.









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