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MusiQ – Bridging The Language Gap

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

We’ve got a feature dropping in Canadian Musician‘s Nov./Dec. 2011 issue called “MusiQ – Is Quebec’s Invisible Fence Falling?” It was a fun one to write, but also quite challenging. The piece essentially discusses how, thanks to a number of contributing factors, it seems Francophone music and artists have been able to find some success in English Canada of late, while some English bands have been able to do the same in traditionally tough Francophone markets.

For the piece, we spoke with artists like Karkwa’s Louis-Jean Cormier (pictured), Galaxie’s Olivier Langevin, Alex from These Kids Wear Crowns, and Quebec upstart Bobby Bazini, as well as industry folks like Dominique Goulet of Quebec’s City’s Festival d’ete and Adam Lewis of The Planetary Group.

It only covers a small sampling of the many artists, professionals, and components that contribute to or benefit from this trend, but hopefully it’s at least a fraction as insightful of a read as it was to research.

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