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Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

Our friends over at Red Tentacle – A Music Solutions Company recently posted the latest entry of their Music Solutions Blog, called “Volume Settings.” As you probably guessed, the post encourages artists to pay close attention to their stage volume to ensure the proper balance is struck between “engaging” loud and “annoying” loud. Understandably, this applies most directly to rock/punk/metal acts, but pretty much anyone that’s combining amplified instruments with a full drum kit should take note. The bottom line is: you want to be loud enough to command attention but not loud enough as to turn anybody off. Invite the venue’s sound engineer to offer his/her input (making friends with sound guys/gals is ALWAYS a good idea), as they’ll without question pay closer attention to your mix if you heed their advice and make it known that you give a shit about what you sound like. I’ll quote Red Tentacle’s Hassan King loosely by closing with: Why spend all that time rehearsing if you’re going to sound like garbage anyway?

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