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Canada D’Eh 2011?

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Back in 2009, I used the week leading up to Canada Day as an opportunity to post 7 different live performances of songs that, were there ever a "Canadiana Cannon," could easily make a case to belong to it. Songs from a range of artists including The Weakterhans, Paul Brandt, Stompin’ Tom, Buck 65, and others were posted and I think I may do the same thing this year, starting tomorrow.

I’ll be predictable with the first and post Classified’s "O, Canada" (it’s a fun song no matter how you slice it), but from there, we’ll grab some other examples of tunes that celebrate their nationalism that might be a bit more "out there." All in good fun.

Oh, and on that note, check out the National Parks Project. Until tomorrow, Stay Classy…

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