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Bella Clava @ NXNE

Monday, June 27th, 2011

Many bands try their damnedest to capture the essence of a sound from another era, while wrapping it up in a bright and shiny modern wrapping paper.

The majority of these bands will not gain much credibility. Even if they do acquire some instant indie success via the bandwagon kids, their staying power is fairly marginal. The reason for this is rather simple: it’s a facade. You can’t just decide to be a band with a retro sound because a particular throwback style is all the rage. You have to actually be retro at heart and in love with, if not raised on, the genre you’re attempting to emulate.

This is why Toronto’s own Bella Clava are garnering such buzz and exposure- they sweat out a blend of female-fronted, blues infused, psychedelic tinged classic rock (with a modern twist, mind you) that could only be perfected by those with a true passion and knowledge for that musical style.

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