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Canadian Music Week Day 3

Saturday, March 12th, 2011

Another excellent day at Canadian Music week with a great line-up of exclusive interviews with Melissa Ethridge and Sammy Hagar. Melissa Ethridge spoke about her small beginnings and rise to fame by staying true to herself and her music. Sammy Hagardiscussed his life and times and encouraged musicians toget out there and focus on making great music for their fans.

“Know your alphabet – a songwriter’s introduction to cha-ching” covered the various organizations that collect royalties and showed how and where artists can collect their money.

The expert panel at “Commerce in the Digital World, talked about the new legislation that may create problems for royalty collector and musician alike. They also brought to lightthe confusion that exists for artists having to navigate through the overwhelming amount of legal jargon.

Tom Jackson put on a powerhouse rehearsal session with “Live Music Makeover” where he demonstrated his coaching techniques with R&B artist Divine Brown and her band.

Vivian Clement is a jazz-blues guitarist and hosts the site:

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