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Canadian Music Week Day 2

Friday, March 11th, 2011

Day two of Canadian Music week proved to be just as enlightening as the first day. The “Brands and Bands: Music Sponsorship in Perfect Harmony” conference discussed the importance of artists seeking sponsorship to support their live shows. They also covered the many streams of income available to musicians today.

“Festivals” a Worldwide Event session” conference included world-renown festival producers. They talked about the many challenges of putting together a successful event and warned againsts the pitfalls of not being properly prepared.

The informative panel at: “Just the Stats Man” revealed to the attending musicians the importance of understanding how data can help you understand the demographics of fans. Targeted analysis services are readily available for artists to turn information into profit.

“The Annual Rain Summit” explored how radio has evolved since the Internet and how consumer demands has steered the evolution of online-radio.

Vivian Clement is a jazz/blues guitarist and also has a blog at:

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